Anything to Say About the Jack Taylor Series?

Do you have anything to say about the Jack Taylor TV Series?

I love all Ken Brien’s novels and especially the Jack Taylor television series, I think they did a great job with filming that and love the Galway setting as I know Galway well, great to see a thriller set in the city.

I know a lot of American fans of Ken were desperately wanting to know when the series would be available over in the USA Not sure if ever was broadcast on the networks but it is available now for streaming on Netflix USA and UK/Ireland so hopefully everyone will have watched all the episodes by now.

Anyway, you are welcome to post any comments about the series here and share with other fans.


Jack Taylor is returning to TV3 screens this weekend, with both familiar and new faces helping him on his vigilante quests.

Two new films, ‘Jack Taylor: The Dramatist’ and ‘Jack Taylor: The Priest’, which were filmed on location in Galway, will see Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Nora Jane Noone (Deception) and Killian Scott (Love/Hate) reprise their roles, while Emma Eliza Regan (Love Eternal), Aaron Monaghan (The Other Side of Sleep), and Gavin Drea (What Richard Did) join the cast.

More info courtesy of The Irish Film & Television Network here